Beyond the headlines and behind the shadows, Candice (original working title While You Were Gone: The Untold Story of Candida Royalle) is an intimate portrait of the woman behind the porn star and pioneering feminist pornographer, Candida Royalle.

This film has been a labor of love and a test of dedication.

Candice and I started to work together on this film after we met in 2013 while making Inside Her Sex. Candice asked if I would be willing to help make a biography film where she could tell her own story, in her own words.

When Candice passed away in 2015, I was left with the task of finishing the film. For a number of reasons, it has taken longer than I hoped, but the end is in sight and I am excited to, finally, take Candice out into the world.


She was a fascinating woman and I'm looking forward to sharing her story.

We are on track to complete the film for early 2019.

If you would like to help us finish the post-production work for Candice, please do so here.

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