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Inside Her Sex

We are a highly sexualized society. But the messaging around sexuality, particularly female sexuality, is distorted and rife with shame.


Hidden in the shadows, genuine sexuality, healthy desire and pleasure are things unspoken of. 

A woman who wants sex may be derided or slut-shamed and a woman who doesn’t, is frigid. 


Shame wraps around female sexuality like a noose and then slowly tightens. As it constricts it kills creativity, exploration, honesty, education, play and individuality.


We point the fingers of blame at media, music, pornography & highly sexualized youth. We look for something outside of ourselves to help us understand what can only be found by looking inward.


There are advocates, small voices in the crowd, fighting back against the shame; Educators, sex workers, pornographers and activists working to reframe our understanding of genuine female sexuality and desire, celebrating individuality and difference. They are trying to reach through the murky water to provide a safe space for healthy female sexuality, free of shame.


But it is an uphill battle.


Shame is about who we are and it breeds guilt about what we do.


Whether the shame around female sexuality is bred of religion, representation in media and pop culture or social construct, it is clear that it has a stranglehold on our sexuality and we are being poisoned and repressed by it at our very core.


Inside Her Sex is a feature length documentary that will, in an intimate, personal, explicit and sometimes humorous way, travel to the dark core of female sexuality and lay the shame that lives there open for examination.


Women’s sexuality is a complicated, intense and incredible subject that hasn’t been adequately and honestly tackled in mainstream media.


Until now.

Featuring Samantha Allen, Lady Cheeky (Elle Chase) and Candida Royalle.

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