Dimestore Productions Inc.

As the name suggests, Dimestore is a boutique production company, based in Vancouver, BC.


Established in 2001 by Sheona McDonald and later joined by Jonathan Lloyd Walker, our focus is to make high quality programming for Canadian and International markets.

Our first film, Lifers: Stories From Prison, was an hour long documentary about men serving life sentences in Canadian penitentiaries.  We then produced Capturing A Short Life, a captivating, poignant and award-winning film about families dealing with infant loss. In 2010, we completed When Dreams Take Flight for the documentary channel. It is a dynamic film that explores why humans are compelled to fly like birds.


We won two Canadian Screen Awards for this film, one for writing and one for Robert Swartz's editing.

We followed up these successes with a feature length doc, Inside Her Sex, about female sexuality and shame, again for the documentary channel.

Currently we have a feature length doc, Candice, in post-production; a short experimental documentary, Out of Darkness, in development with the NFB; and the film A short Essay on Men in production through Storyhive 2019.

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