We are in development on a project with the National Film Board on a short, experimental documentary film, Out Of Darkness, that tells the story of a mother’s journey through loss, acceptance, and finally joy, as she supports her four-year old child’s gender transition.

Stay tuned for production news Spring 2019.


Candice, a film about iconic feminist pioneer Candida Royalle, is finished!


What a ride!

It opened to rave reviews at Vancouver, Canada's DOXA film festival; was met by friends and family with kindness and open arms in San Francisco and his headed to Berlin (and other, yet to be disclosed, locations Fall 2019.

The website for the film is here.

A short ESSAY ON MEN has been selected to be produced as one of 30 short documentaries that was in competition in the 2018 Storyhive documentary session.

Are men lost? That's the question at the heart of this film. 


We will not endeavor to dive too deep, nor to answer the unanswerable. Instead, this film will ask questions, raise issues and ideas, and explore the subject in an attempt to drive conversation, to spark ideas and to continue, what needs to be, a dialogue we are all having.

If men are lost, who's going to find them?

Looking for Jonathan Lloyd Walker?

He is a busy man these days. Having just completed his first season of Showunning on Van Helsing, he is working on new material while prepping for an anticipated Season 5.

He will be featured as an actor in the upcoming series Snowpiercer and was fortunate to work as a supervising producer on a new Netflix series, Wu Assassins.

Check out more details and a sneak peek at his updated website here.

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